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TouchTunes Interactive Networks

TouchTunes brings the world's most innovative technologies to social venues and has become the largest interactive entertainment platform in North America. The company provides entertainment and advertising to bars and restaurants nationwide. Since TouchTunes introduced the first digital downloading, pay for play jukebox in 1998, the network has become the largest of its kind with almost a billion songs played in 2012. The TouchTunes mobile app allows users to find locations nearby and control the music directly from their phones. Recently, the company re-imagined the jukebox as a multi-application platform that services the iconic experiences of karaoke and photo booth.

850 Third Avenue, Suite 15C New York, NY 10022
Tel: 212-991-6540 www.touchtunes.com
  • Largest out-of-home interactive entertainment network
  • Provides innovative solutions to over 60,000 bars, restaurants, and other businesses in North America
  • Introduced the world’s first digital-downloading, pay-per-play commercial jukebox
  • TouchTunes is privately held and headquartered in New York City.
TouchTunes Interactive Networks