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Since 1996 VantagePoint has been funding transformative companies poised to change the status quo. Working on behalf of investors and institutions from around the globe, we seek out companies with the greatest potential to disrupt industries, revolutionize services and apply advanced technology to solve challenging problems. From start-up to scale-up, we work closely with our portfolio companies to assure that each innovative idea and breakthrough technology generates market success and attractive returns.

With over $4 billion of commercial capital committed, we have made substantial investments in energy innovation and efficiency, robotics, information technology, Internet, digital media and healthcare companies. From pioneering work in social media and electric vehicles to utility-scale solar power and game-changing aquatic drones, VantagePoint is not afraid of ambitious visions and significant commitments.

With our on-the-ground team in Beijing, China, we manage a growing portfolio of Asia companies with significant potential in a variety of developing sectors. It is our belief that as both populations and economies grow around the globe, demand on limited resources requires thoughtful solutions which will return significant value to investors.

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