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Energy Innovation

BrightSource Energy

BrightSource Energy designs and builds large-scale solar power plants for its industrial and utility customers worldwide, enabling them to lessen their dependency on fossil fuels by providing a low-cost, reliable source of clean energy during periods of peak usage. BrightSource Energy’s next generation tower-type solar thermal technology promises to provide the lowest-cost solar electricity yet available, starting at half the cost of today’s solar photovoltaic (PV).

1999 Harrison Street, Suite 2150, Oakland, CA 94612
Tel: 510-550-8161 www.brightsourceenergy.com
  • Develops and commercializes next-generation solar thermal technology
  • Awarded largest contract in solar history by PG&E for 900 MW
  • 400MW Ivanpah Solar Power Complex will produce more electricity in one year than the total of all of the residential solar installations currently installed in the U.S.
BrightSource Energy