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Chemrec AB

Chemrec is a Swedish company with a gasification technology to convert "black liquor", the major by-product of pulp mills and a highly concentrated form of biomass, into a significant energy source, yielding motor fuels, chemicals, or electricity. The shift to gasification of black liquor would substantially improve the profitability and cash flow of pulp mills while turning these mills into major exporters of motor fuels and renewable energy to the rest of the economy.

Floragatan 10B, SE-114 31 Stockholm, Sweden
Tel: +011-46-8-440-40 www.chemrec.se
  • Enables pulp and paper mills to become biorefineries, increasing cash flow and profitability
  • Proprietary black liquor gasification technology opens new markets, producing sustainable, low-carbon chemicals and fuels
  • Potential to globally provide motor fuels equivalent of over 45 billion liters/year of gasoline (12 billion gallons/year)
Chemrec AB