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Genomatica is the emerging leader in sustainable chemicals: “greener” intermediate and basic chemicals made from current and next-generation renewable feedstocks, rather than oil and gas. The company aims to transform the chemical industry through cost-advantaged, smaller-footprint products as direct replacements in a trillion-dollar global market. The company’s unique integrated bio-process engineering platform allows ‘in-silico’ (computer-based) design and testing of highly-optimized organisms, manufacturing processes and economics. This results in much faster product development and time to commercial-scale manufacturing, as well as lower production costs.

10520 Wateridge Circle, San Diego, CA 92121
Tel: 858-824-1771 Fax: 858-824-1772 www.genomatica.com
  • Genomatica brings substantial and unique technology that transforms the industry’s economics.
  • Genomatica’s technology could substantially reduce the 8% of the world’s fossil fuels used for chemical production.
  • Genomatica is on a path to rapid commercialization