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Mascoma is a cellulosic biomass-to-ethanol company using advanced biotechnology across a range of non-food feedstocks to dramatically reduce the cost of cellulosic ethanol production. The company’s Consolidated Bio-Processing (CBP) technology promises to dramatically reduce both of the major cost elements in producing cellulosic ethanol: capital and enzyme costs. CBP avoids the need for costly production of cellulose enzymes by using engineered microorganisms that produce cellulases and ethanol at high yield in a single step. Mascoma was acquired by Lallemand, Inc.

1380 Soldiers Field Road, Second Floor, Boston, MA 02135
Tel: 617-234-0099 www.mascoma.com
  • Leader in advanced, low-carbon biofuels technology
  • Collaborating with research partners globally to identify, patent, and deploy a new generation of microbes and low-cost processes for producing advanced cellulosic ethanol technologies
  • Mascoma was acquired by Lallemand, Inc.