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Nexsan Technologies*

Nexsan develops energy-efficient, long-term storage systems. The company delivers secure storage appliances and modular, capacity-optimized disk storage systems for a broad range of applications including fixed-content storage and archiving, email, medical imaging, compliance and litigation support, disk-based backup, digital video security, and rich media. Nexsan’s solutions are the choice of small- and medium-sized companies as well as large global enterprises and major governmental agencies around the world who are seeking cost-correct, high-density storage solutions. Nexsan was acquired by Imation.

555 St. Charles Drive, Suite 202, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
Tel: 866.463.9726 www.nexsan.com
  • Leading provider of next-generation energy efficient disk-based storage systems designed for the long-term storage of digital information
  • Ideal for storing and archiving fixed-content information
  • Pioneer of reliable disk-based storage technologies optimized for capacity, energy efficiency, and cost in a “green” environment
  • Nexsan was acquired by Imation
Nexsan Technologies*