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Portfolio Companies (A–Z)

At VantagePoint we are interested, first and foremost, in companies with the potential to transform their industries and achieve significant growth, usually on an accelerated timeframe. As such, we invest globally at all stages across multiple technologies, including energy innovation and efficiency, internet and digital media, healthcare and information technology.

1366 Technologies

1366 Technologies combines breakthrough innovations in silicon cell architecture with lean manufacturing processes to make the world’s most cost effective and commercially viable high efficiency solar cells.

Bedford, MA

3VR Security

3VR’s Video Intelligence Platform™ (VIP) extracts rich, targeted and actionable intelligence from video and transforms the security and business operations of Fortune 200 companies and other industry leaders.

San Francisco, CA

Adura Technologies*

Adura Technologies provides a full-service demand response and lighting energy management solution that substantially reduces the use of electricity in commercial and industrial facilities. Adura was acquired by Acuity Brands, Inc.

Atlanta, GA


AlertMe is a leader in smart home energy that provides an intelligent service that enables people to manage and control their homes from their mobile phones and the web.

Cambridge, UK


Online media and e-commerce company that addresses real-world business questions and presents practical solutions. Allbusiness.com was acquired by Dun & Bradstreet.

San Francisco, CA


A global community that shares news, videos, images and opinions tied to current events and people. Allvoices was acquired by Datran Media.

San Francisco, CA


Amprius develops advanced lithium-ion batteries for consumer electronics and automotive applications.

Menlo Park, CA

Angstrom Power*

Angstrom Power is designing the next generation of safe, mobile power for tomorrow's multi-purpose hand-held electronics. Angstrom was acquired by BIC.

North Vancouver, British Columbia

Anthera Pharmaceuticals*

Biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of clinical products for patients with life-threatening inflammatory diseases including cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases. Nasdaq: ANTH

Hayward, CA

Axsun Technologies*

MEMS-based micro-optical spectrometers and optical channel monitors for pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical, homeland security and telecom network applications. Axsun was acquired by Volcano Corporation (VOLC).

Billerica, MA


Leads China in disk-based data protection solutions.

Tianjin, China


Bridgelux is a leading supplier of energy-saving light-emitting diode (LED) technology for high-volume, solid-state lighting markets.

Livermore, CA

BrightSource Energy

BrightSource Energy develops large, utility-scale solar power plants using high-temperature solar thermal technology that concentrates sunlight and converts the resulting heat into electricity.

Oakland, CA

Cbeyond Communications*

A managed services provider that delivers integrated packages of voice, broadband, and mobile services to small businesses. (Nasdaq: CBEY)

Atlanta, GA

CGI Pharmaceuticals*

Developer of small molecule therapeutics for a broad range of oncology and allergy/autoimmune/inflammatory disease (AAID) indications. CGI was acquired by Gilead.



ChaCha allows people with any mobile phone device - from basic flip phones to advanced smart phones - to ask any question in conversational English and receive an accurate answer as a text message in just a few minutes.

Carmel, IN

Chemrec AB

Chemrec is a Swedish company with a gasification technology to convert "black liquor", the major by-product of pulp mills and a highly concentrated form of biomass, into a significant energy source, yielding electric power as well as motor fuels or chemicals.

Stockholm, Sweden


A mixed-signal company providing the industrys broadest offering of low-risk ASIC solutions. ChipX was acquired by GigOptix, Inc.

Santa Clara, CA

Cobalt Technologies

Cobalt Technologies is leading the development of next generation biofuels with its bacterial fermentation of renewable plant materials, making possible a new generation of fuels.

Mountain View, CA


Maker of the Essure procedure which is the first proven minimally invasive form of permanent birth control. (Nasdaq: CPTS)

Mountain View, CA

CymaBay Therapeutics

CymaBay Therapeutics to treat Type-2 diabetes and related metabolic disorders.

Hayward, CA

Datran Media*

A leader in performance-based inbox marketing and Web advertising. Datran Media merged with ContextWeb to form PulsePoint.

New York, NY

Definity Health*

Pioneer of consumer-driven health care solutions. Definity Health was acquired by UnitedHealth Group Company.

St. Louis Park, MN

Direct Flow Medical

Next-generation, minimally invasive implant to treat patients with heart valve disease.

Santa Rosa, CA

DNS Services*

Global industry leader in providing managed domain name systems (DNS) services. UltraDNS was acquired by NeuStar.

Brisbane, CA

E-One Moli

E-one Moli Energy is a rechargeable Li-ion battery manufacturer with a product portfolio that includes Lithium Cobalt, Lithium Cobalt Multi-materials and Lithium Manganese chemistries.


edō Interactive

edō is transforming shopping and saving by delivering the simplest solution to personalized offers that are automatically available through consumers’ credit, debit cards and mobile devices.

Nashville, TN


Provides broadband access solutions to major telecom carriers in North America. Entrisphere was acquired by Ericsson.

Santa Clara, CA


Evolv’s proven workforce profitability solution leverages the power of big data and predictive analytics to help businesses select, retain and develop a more productive, more positive and more profitable workforce. Evolv has been acquired by Cornerstone OnDemand.

San Francisco, CA


Interactive sports website where more than one million sports fans compete in fun, casual games, broadcast their predictions on breaking sports news, and unite with like-minded fans. FanIQ was acquired by PulsePoint.

San Francisco, CA

GAIN Capital Group*

A market leader in the online foreign exchange (forex or FX) industry, serving clients in 140 countries. NYSE: GCAP

Bedminster, NJ


Genomatica is the emerging leader in sustainable chemicals: “greener” intermediate and basic chemicals made from current and next-generation renewable feedstocks, rather than oil and gas. The company aims to transform the chemical industry through cost-advantaged, smaller-footprint products as direct replacements in a trillion-dollar global market.

San Diego, CA

glo AB

Glo AB employs nanowires as light-emitting diodes and is developing LEDs at levels of brightness suitable for general illumination applications.


Global Financial Technology

Global Financial Technology (GFT) serves the Chinese financial community with the very best information, analysis and applications.


Goldwind is one of the largest wind turbine manufacturers in the world with operations in Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Americas.

Chicago, IL

Grocery Shopping Network

Internet advertising network for personalized, interactive communication between product manufacturers, supermarket chains, and consumers.

Minneapolis, MN

Healthline Networks

Offers an easy way for consumers to quickly and easily find consistently reliable health information on the Web using a powerful portfolio of online health search, content, and navigation services.

San Francisco, CA

HengFu Logistic

Shanghai Hengfu Logistic Co., Ltd. (Hengfu) is a third-party logistics service provider that specializes in cold chain logistics in Shanghai and Beijing.

Shanghai, P.R. China

Huga Optotech*

Huga Optotech is principally engaged in the manufacturing and sale of Light Emitting Diode (LED) epitaxial wafers and chips, having introduced its high brightness blue LEDs in 2000. Huga was acquired by Epistar.



Worldwide provider of secure wired and wireless broadband services for hoteliers and meeting organizers.

Salt Lake City, UT


Identified helps individual Facebook members measure and improve their professional presence online, and gives recruiters and others a “score” by which to evaluate and recruit candidates. Identified was acquired by Workday.

San Francisco, CA

InnoPath Software

Global leader in Mobile Device Management (MDM), a technology that creates a superior user experience by enabling wireless operators to better and more cost effectively manage and deliver revenue-generating services for consumers and enterprises.

Sunnyvale, CA


Envisioning the future of energy together, Innovari is developing a framework to enable utilities and energy consumers to work together in ensuring an ever-more reliable and cost effective energy value chain going forward.

Austin, TX


IntelePeer, a leader in hosted on-demand rich media communications, enables carriers, businesses and software vendors to easily deliver voice and multimedia capabilities to any phone or network-connected device --without incurring up-front capital costs.

San Mateo, CA


InvestLab is a provider of financial technology and services for the global investing market. Since 2010, the company has been breaking down the barriers that keep individuals and brokerages from reaching their true global investment potential.

Hong Kong

Inxight Software*

Leader in federated search, high-fidelity extraction and visualization. Inxight Software was acquired by Business Objects.

Sunnyvale, CA


iWatt designs, develops and manufactures power supply control ICs and modules, and delivers improvements in size, cost and efficiency. iWatt was acquired by Dialog Semiconductor.

Los Gatos, CA

Kagoor Networks*

Provides VoIP Border Control solutions, which address service provider and enterprise technical roadblocks that have previously inhibited commercial deployment and acceptance of VoIP services. Kagoor Networks™ was acquired by Juniper Networks.

Sunnyvale, CA

Klipsch Audio*

One of the first U.S. loudspeaker companies, Klipsch is a leading global manufacturer of high-performance loudspeakers and other entertainment products. Klipsch was acquired by Audiovox Corporation.

Indianapolis, IN

Liquid Light, Inc.

Liquid Light is uniquely developing a low-cost, energy-efficient system to convert CO2 into a wide variety of chemicals and liquid fuels using clean energy sources.

Monmouth Junction, NJ

Liquid Robotics

Liquid Robotics’ designs and manufactures the patented Wave Glider unmanned maritime vehicle (UMV), which uses waves to propel itself. Wave Gliders provide a persistent ocean presence for commercial, scientific and defense users.



Developer of a new low-cost mobile computing platform that enhances productivity, learning, communication and self expression through the Pulse smartpen.

Oakland, CA


Mascoma Corporation is a leading developer of cellulosic ethanol technology, which is the production of ethanol fuel from inexpensive fibrous plant material. Mascoma was acquired by Lallemand, Inc.

Boston, MA


Mayi.com is a China-based rental service aimed at building a platform to bridge the gap between renters and landlords with a focus on short-term accommodations and vacation rental.

Beijing, China

Meriton Networks*

Optical transmission and switching equipment for metropolitan networks. Meriton was acquired by Xtera Communications.

Ottawa, Ontario


MiaSolé is a pioneer in the development of Copper Indium Gallium Selenide (CIGS) thin film photovoltaic products. MiaSolé was acquired by Hanergy.

Santa Clara, CA

Mobile 365*

Leader in the global delivery and settlement of mobile messaging and data services. Mobile 365 was acquired by Sybase.

Sterling, VA


Provides an easy way to share all kinds of digital media, including photos, blogs, videos, music and more in a personal web site. Multiply was acquired by Naspers.

Boca Raton, FL


MyFP is a leading Asia-based independent wealth management service provider focused on distributing wealth management products, including fixed income products, equity funds and real estate funds, etc., to wealthy individuals.

Beijing, China

MySpace/Intermix Media*

A leading social network where friends meet to share and blend user-generated and proprietary online content and invite their friends to join. MySpace.com/Intermix Media was acquired by News Corp.

Los Angeles, CA

Neuraltus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing and commercializing innovative therapeutics for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders.

Palo Alto, CA

Nexsan Technologies*

Next generation energy efficient disk-based storage systems designed for the long-term storage of digital information. Nexsan was acquired by Imation.

Thousand Oaks, CA

Next Step Living

Next Step Living is a residential energy efficiency and renewables company that helps people save energy in their homes. Since 2008, Next Step Living has been inside over 25,000 homes to make them more comfortable and energy efficient.

Boston, MA

Ogin, Inc.

Ogin has designed and developed a patented Mixer Ejector Wind Turbine: a highly efficient and environmental sensitive mid-scale shrouded wind turbine.

Waltham, MA


Ostara’s proprietary technology removes phosphorus and other nutrients from wastewater and recycles them into environmentally safe commercial fertilizer.

Vancouver, BC, Canada

OZ Communications*

Consumer mobile messaging solution provider, delivering access to popular instant messaging and email services on consumer mobile devices. OZ was acquired by Nokia.

Montreal, Canada


Phreesia's technology platform automates the patient check-in process in thousands of physician offices and urgent care centers in the U.S.

New York, NY


Pica8 is fulfilling the promise of true software-defined networking (SDN) by providing the world's first open, hardware-independent switching operating system.

Palo Alto, CA

Premium Power

Premium Power provides zinc-bromide flow batteries for large-scale power storage applications.

North Reading, MA


PulsePoint™ is a next-gen advertising technology platform that fuses the science of programmatic targeting, distribution and optimization with the art of content marketing.

New York, NY

Pure Digital Technologies*

Pioneer in developing simple and affordable digital imaging solutions for the mass market. Pure Digital Technologies was acquired by Cisco Systems, Inc.

San Francisco, CA


Leading provider of local online marketing solutions that help small and medium businesses run successful local Internet advertising campaigns. Nasdaq: RLOC

Woodland Hills, CA

Safe Life*

Develops antimicrobial technologies that protect against microbial threats. Safe Life was acquired by Triomed

San Diego, CA

Santur Corporation*

Leading manufacturer of high performance parallel array devices for the global telecommunications industry. Santur was acquired by NeoPhotonics.

Fremont, CA


Pioneer in business process management (BPM) providing software and services to the world's largest and most respected organizations. Savvion was acquired by Progress Software.

Santa Clara, CA


Scribd is the world’s largest social reading and publishing company and has made it easy to share and discover entertaining, informative and original written content across the web and mobile devices.

San Francisco, CA

Serious Energy

Serious Energy develops and manufactures sustainable green building materials that dramatically reduce the impact of the 'built environment' on the climate.

Sunnyvale, CA


SolarCentury is Europe’s leading building integrated solar company, with commercial installations generating 9.5 MW of electricity every year.

London, England


Solazyme, Inc. is an industrial biotechnology company producing renewable oils and bioproducts using microalgae. NASDAQ: SZYM

South San Francisco, CA

Spanfeller Media Group

The Spanfeller Media Group uses its experience and understanding of digital media to reclaim value around content creation and packaging.

New York, NY

Spatial Wireless*

Develops and deploys distributed multi-protocol core switching solutions for mobile networks. Spatial Wireless was acquired by Alcatel.


Switch Lighting is dedicated to innovative design and technologies that create cost-effective LED lighting solutions for consumers and businesses, replacing ordinary incandescent and compact fluorescent lamps with extremely long lasting, reliable, energy-efficient solutions.

San Jose, CA


Developer of kinase inhibitors for the treatment of myeloproliferative disorders. TargeGen was acquired by Sanofi-aventis.

San Diego, CA

Tendril Inc.

Tendril’s technology facilitates a dialog between consumers and suppliers through an energy ecosystem that connects in-home devices (like thermostats) to the utility back office.

Boulder, CO

Tesla Motors*

Tesla Motors designs and sells electric cars combining world-class automotive design and Silicon Valley technology with an innovative sales and support strategy. Nasdaq: TSLA

San Carlos, CA

TIDAL Software*

Intelligent automation for IT and datacenter operations. Tidal Software was acquired by Cisco Systems, Inc.

Palo Alto, CA

TouchTunes Interactive Networks

Largest interactive entertainment network in North America, available in 60,000 bars, restaurants and social venues.

New York, NY


First commercial, portable warm blood perfusion system that allows for a new type of organ transplant, called a living organ transplant.

Andover, MA

Transport Technology Systems (TTS)

End-to-end bus ticketing solutions for highway travel in China.

Nanjing, China


Trilliant is the leader in delivering intelligent networks that power the Smart Grid.

Redwood City, CA


Fast growing IC (integrated circuit) design foundry providing custom solutions and SoC (System-on-a-Chip) turnkey service.

Santa Clara, CA


Vook was founded with the vision of uniting the disparate worlds of books and videos into one complete, blended story where all forms of media come together to create a new experience.

New York, NY


Helps employers support consumer directed pre-tax benefit programs, including healthcare (FSA, HSA, HRA), wellness programs, child and elder care, commuting services, education benefits, and employee sponsored programs. WageWorks also offers retiree healthcare and COBRA Services. NYSE: WAGE

San Mateo, CA

Widevine Technologies*

Multiplatform, multiformat content security solutions for video operators enabling telco, cable, internet, mobile and satellite service operators to acquire and distribute premium content. Acquired by Google.

Seattle, WA


Unique single-use component platform that transforms biomanufacturing economics, enabling more efficient development of biotherapeutics and vaccines. Xcellerex was acquired by GE Healthcare.

Marlborough, MA


Voicemail services and tools for cell phones.

Aliso Viejo, CA


Zvents is the leading producer of entertainment guides online, helping more than 10 million monthly users find fun and interesting things to do in their local area and helping thousands of event advertisers increase attendance at their events. Zvents was acquired by StubHub, a division of eBay.

San Mateo, CA

* M&A and IPOs