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Energy Innovation Portfolio

VantagePoint has established a leading practice with the team, resources, and relationships to meet the large and rapidly growing opportunities in energy innovation and efficiency. The scope of the issues being addressed—resource scarcity, industry modernization, energy security, and climate change—represents both a business challenge and an opportunity of substantial magnitude.

Global demand and consumption of energy, water, and other limited resources continues to grow at an accelerated pace. This growth is significantly expanding commercial opportunities for those companies capable of developing and delivering technology and services that address resource constraints.

We look for companies that tackle these resource needs with technological innovation, whether in power generation, transportation, smart grid, power management, energy storage, lighting, water or materials. All have the potential to transform their industries and emerge as global powerhouses.

1366 Technologies

1366 Technologies combines breakthrough innovations in silicon cell architecture with lean manufacturing processes to make the world’s most cost effective and commercially viable high efficiency solar cells.

Bedford, MA

Adura Technologies*

Adura Technologies provides a full-service demand response and lighting energy management solution that substantially reduces the use of electricity in commercial and industrial facilities. Adura was acquired by Acuity Brands, Inc.

Atlanta, GA


AlertMe is a leader in smart home energy that provides an intelligent service that enables people to manage and control their homes from their mobile phones and the web.

Cambridge, UK


Amprius develops advanced lithium-ion batteries for consumer electronics and automotive applications.

Menlo Park, CA

Angstrom Power*

Angstrom Power is designing the next generation of safe, mobile power for tomorrow's multi-purpose hand-held electronics. Angstrom was acquired by BIC.

North Vancouver, British Columbia


Bridgelux is a leading supplier of energy-saving light-emitting diode (LED) technology for high-volume, solid-state lighting markets.

Livermore, CA

BrightSource Energy

BrightSource Energy develops large, utility-scale solar power plants using high-temperature solar thermal technology that concentrates sunlight and converts the resulting heat into electricity.

Oakland, CA

Chemrec AB

Chemrec is a Swedish company with a gasification technology to convert "black liquor", the major by-product of pulp mills and a highly concentrated form of biomass, into a significant energy source, yielding electric power as well as motor fuels or chemicals.

Stockholm, Sweden

Cobalt Technologies

Cobalt Technologies is leading the development of next generation biofuels with its bacterial fermentation of renewable plant materials, making possible a new generation of fuels.

Mountain View, CA

E-One Moli

E-one Moli Energy is a rechargeable Li-ion battery manufacturer with a product portfolio that includes Lithium Cobalt, Lithium Cobalt Multi-materials and Lithium Manganese chemistries.



Genomatica is the emerging leader in sustainable chemicals: “greener” intermediate and basic chemicals made from current and next-generation renewable feedstocks, rather than oil and gas. The company aims to transform the chemical industry through cost-advantaged, smaller-footprint products as direct replacements in a trillion-dollar global market.

San Diego, CA

glo AB

Glo AB employs nanowires as light-emitting diodes and is developing LEDs at levels of brightness suitable for general illumination applications.



Goldwind is one of the largest wind turbine manufacturers in the world with operations in Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Americas.

Chicago, IL

Huga Optotech*

Huga Optotech is principally engaged in the manufacturing and sale of Light Emitting Diode (LED) epitaxial wafers and chips, having introduced its high brightness blue LEDs in 2000. Huga was acquired by Epistar.



Envisioning the future of energy together, Innovari is developing a framework to enable utilities and energy consumers to work together in ensuring an ever-more reliable and cost effective energy value chain going forward.

Austin, TX


iWatt designs, develops and manufactures power supply control ICs and modules, and delivers improvements in size, cost and efficiency. iWatt was acquired by Dialog Semiconductor.

Los Gatos, CA

Liquid Light, Inc.

Liquid Light is uniquely developing a low-cost, energy-efficient system to convert CO2 into a wide variety of chemicals and liquid fuels using clean energy sources.

Monmouth Junction, NJ

Liquid Robotics

Liquid Robotics’ designs and manufactures the patented Wave Glider unmanned maritime vehicle (UMV), which uses waves to propel itself. Wave Gliders provide a persistent ocean presence for commercial, scientific and defense users.



Mascoma Corporation is a leading developer of cellulosic ethanol technology, which is the production of ethanol fuel from inexpensive fibrous plant material. Mascoma was acquired by Lallemand, Inc.

Boston, MA


MiaSolé is a pioneer in the development of Copper Indium Gallium Selenide (CIGS) thin film photovoltaic products. MiaSolé was acquired by Hanergy.

Santa Clara, CA

Next Step Living

Next Step Living is a residential energy efficiency and renewables company that helps people save energy in their homes. Since 2008, Next Step Living has been inside over 25,000 homes to make them more comfortable and energy efficient.

Boston, MA

Ogin, Inc.

Ogin has designed and developed a patented Mixer Ejector Wind Turbine: a highly efficient and environmental sensitive mid-scale shrouded wind turbine.

Waltham, MA


Ostara’s proprietary technology removes phosphorus and other nutrients from wastewater and recycles them into environmentally safe commercial fertilizer.

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Premium Power

Premium Power provides zinc-bromide flow batteries for large-scale power storage applications.

North Reading, MA

Serious Energy

Serious Energy develops and manufactures sustainable green building materials that dramatically reduce the impact of the 'built environment' on the climate.

Sunnyvale, CA


SolarCentury is Europe’s leading building integrated solar company, with commercial installations generating 9.5 MW of electricity every year.

London, England


Solazyme, Inc. is an industrial biotechnology company producing renewable oils and bioproducts using microalgae. NASDAQ: SZYM

South San Francisco, CA


Switch Lighting is dedicated to innovative design and technologies that create cost-effective LED lighting solutions for consumers and businesses, replacing ordinary incandescent and compact fluorescent lamps with extremely long lasting, reliable, energy-efficient solutions.

San Jose, CA

Tendril Inc.

Tendril’s technology facilitates a dialog between consumers and suppliers through an energy ecosystem that connects in-home devices (like thermostats) to the utility back office.

Boulder, CO

Tesla Motors*

Tesla Motors designs and sells electric cars combining world-class automotive design and Silicon Valley technology with an innovative sales and support strategy. Nasdaq: TSLA

San Carlos, CA


Trilliant is the leader in delivering intelligent networks that power the Smart Grid.

Redwood City, CA

* M&A and IPOs