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Premium Power

Premium Power Corporation (PPC) provides zinc-bromide flow batteries for large-scale power storage applications. The Company’s products are suitable for use by electrical utilities for grid support and substation ancillary power. The use of large-scale storage allows utility companies to defer capital expense while providing incremental peak power when it is required. Large-scale storage will be a dominant theme for wind operators that strive to gain greater utilization of installed assets as well as large commercial and retail facilities that seek to shift their demand to off-peak power usage rates.

87 Concord Street, North Reading, MA 01864 USA
Tel: 978-664-5000 www.premiumpower.com
  • Focuses on design and manufacturing activities to utility-scale energy management solutions
  • Designs solutions that are environmentally friendly: 100% disposable or recyclable, contain no toxic metals, emit no hydrogen gas, and require no fuel to operate
Premium Power