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Safe Life

SafeLife is focused on the R&D and commercialization of products in the field of antimicrobials. The company's patented technology, Triosyn® resin, has been proven effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms that cause diseases, including tuberculosis, SARS, and the Avian Flu. This technology has been applied to a diverse portfolio of products, including air filtration products, dermatological treatments, and surface/fluid decontaminants. Safe's protective facemasks, sold worldwide under the brand name of Triosyn Disposable Respirators, are designed to preserve health and business continuity in the face of pandemics, threats of bioterrorism, and environmental disasters.

12250 El Camino Real, Suite 350, San Diego, CA 92130
Tel: 858-794-3200 www.safelifecorp.com
  • Applied research into the development of stable, broad-spectrum, fast-acting antimicrobial technologies
  • Creation of next-generation products for protection of life and property from microbial threats
  • Provides practical and in-depth scientific education to the public, businesses, and healthcare sectors
  • Safe Life was acquired by Triomed.
Safe Life