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TransMedics is a medical technology company dedicated to extending the life-saving benefits of organ transplantation to patients suffering from end-stage organ failure, with a primary focus on the heart transplant market. The company’s Portable Organ Preservation System (POPS™) enables the preservation, resuscitation, and transport of solid organs in their functioning state for up to 24 hours and represents a potential breakthrough in the field of organ transplantation.

200 Minuteman Road, Suite 302, Andover, MA 01810
Tel: 978-552-0900 www.transmedics.com
  • Developing advanced solutions for more effective organ transplants
  • Developed the first commercial, portable warm blood perfusion system allowing for a living organ transplant
  • Potentially increases the number of available organs, improving patient outcomes, and reducing recovery time, hospital stays, and reliance on ongoing medical therapies