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Widevine Technologies

Widevine is the only provider of multiplatform and multiformat Downloadable Conditional Access System (DCAS), Digital Rights Management (DRM), digital copy protection, and forensic watermarking solutions for content owners, telco, and cable and internet service operators. More than 130 service providers and 160 web properties use Widevine solutions to enable the acquisition and distribution of premium studio and broadcaster content to a wide range of consumer devices. Widevine makes it possible to protect Internet and pay–TV revenues while creating new service opportunities through the secure distribution, identification, and tracking of digital content. Widevine has been acquired by Google.

901 5th Avenue, Suite 3400, Seattle, WA 98164
Tel: 206-254-3000 www.widevine.com
  • The best choice of studios and broadcasters for protecting premium content
  • Enables telco, cable, internet, mobile, and satellite service operators to acquire and distribute premium content
  • Has protected over $3 billion in studio assets since 1999
Widevine Technologies